About the Project

This project explores the relationship between amnesties (or amnesty-like measures), historical prosecutions, truth recovery and other ‘dealing with the past’ initiatives in the Northern Ireland transition.

The Team

Professor Kieran McEvoy (Principal Investigator), Dr Louise Mallinder (Co-Investigator), Professor Gordon Anthony (Co-Investigator), and Dr Luke Moffett (Co-Investigator)

Project Partner

Healing Through Remembering

Building on international research conducted by McEvoy and Mallinder (with Brice Dickson) on similar themes elsewhere, Beyond Legalism: Amnesties, Transition and Conflict Transformation, this project was established to make a practical contribution to political and civil society on this complex and often controversial topic. In particular, the purpose of the project is to provide information on the international, historical and legal context to these themes to ensure that the public debate in Northern Ireland is as well informed as possible.

In addition to the academic team based at Queen’s University Belfast and the Ulster University, the project is being delivered in partnership with the local non-governmental organisation Healing Through Remembering.

The project (initially established for 12 months but extended) was set up to produce policy papers, blogs, hold bilateral meetings with political and civil society actors and organise a series of seminars as well as a major conference.

The project is funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council

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